Power Of Choice – B2B Procedure Changes

Market National Electricity Market
StageFinal Report
ConvenorAEMO NEM
Accepting submissions?No

B2B Procedures

On March 6 2017, following consultation AEMO published on behalf of the Information Exchange Committee (IEC) updated B2B Procedures and a new B2B Guide. The procedure documents will be effective 1 December 2017.

Final Procedures Effective 1 December 2017 (Published 6 March 2017)

Information Exchange Committee (IEC) Memo – B2B Procedure Error Corrections

On May 8 2017, following a recommendation from the B2B Working Group the Information Exchange Committee (IEC) resolved not to open these B2B Procedures to further consultation. However, the IEC did want to advise industry of the process for error correction to the B2B Procedures and update to the B2B Guide. More details are in the memo below. Prospective changes are captured in the B2B Procedure change log attached.

Any changes accepted for publication into procedure documents will be made by 30 November 2017 and be effective 1 December 2017.

B2B Procedure Error Corrections

For all questions and advice of any prospective errors or corrections in B2B procedures, please contact poc@aemo.com.au

The IEC have now also approved the publication of the B2B Procedure Errata which details all the corrections that have been approved in the B2B change Log. This can be read alongside the B2B Procedures above to conclude the publication of the B2B Procedures.

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