Powerlink PSCR Maintaining reliability of supply between Clare South and Townsville South

Market Network Service Provider
StageProject Specification Consultation Report
ConvenorAEMO NSP
Accepting submissions?No
Submissions close18/04/2019

Powerlink has recently published a ‘Project Specification Consultation Report’ (PSCR) to maintain reliability of supply between Clare South and Townsville South.

The 132kV network between Collinsville and Townsville was developed in the 1960s and 1970s to supply mining, commercial and residential loads in north Queensland. Its main function today is to provide connections to Invicta Mill and Clare South substations, and to support power transfers in the area, including from renewable generation.

Both the coastal and inland single circuit lines between Townsville South and Clare South substations are exhibiting signs of advanced degradation on the majority of structures. The decay of the buried steel grillage foundations of the inland Townsville South to Clare South line and the tower leg/foundation interfaces on the coastal line pose an increasing risk of tower failure during storm events.

Powerlink has identified four credible network options to address the risks to supply arising from the condition of ageing transmission lines between Clare South and Townsville South. Two options involve life extension of the existing lines and two options involve a combination of life extension of the coastal line, combined with substitution of the inland line with a second transformer at Strathmore Substation.

All proposed network options extend the life of the 132kV network between Clare South and Townsville South through to 2040, at which time the area’s 275kV lines are likely to have reached the end of their technical service life, providing an opportunity to review the configuration of the complete network in the area.

Indicative proposed initial network capital costs required by December 2022 range between $36.6 million and $55 million in 2018/19 prices.

In accordance with the requirements of the Rules, a summary of the PSCR is made available on the AEMO website. A copy of the ‘Project Specification Consultation Report’ can be obtained from the Powerlink website on the RIT-T Consultations page or by emailing networkassessments@powerlink.com.au.

To assist and encourage submissions from the broader community and stakeholders in this area, the public consultation period for the PSCR has been extended beyond the original closure date of 15 March 2019.

Submissions on the PSCR are now required by the closing date of 18 April 2019.

Any enquiries in the first instance should be directed to:

Roger Smith
Manager Network and Alternate Solutions
Powerlink Queensland
PO Box 1193

Tel: (+617) 3860 2328

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