Project EnergyConnect Stage 1 and HIC Capacity release - Inter-network test program

Market National Electricity Market
StageFinal Report
ConvenorAEMO NEM
Accepting submissions?No
Submissions close12/01/2024

This is to inform all Registered Participants that the test program for the Project EnergyConnect (PEC) Stage 1 and the increase in the power transfer capability over the Heywood Interconnector (HIC) which deals with inter-network tests is now finalised. The test program outlines the proposed hold points and tests to occur to validate the increased power transfer capability of PEC Stage 1 and HIC.


All submissions on the test program are now closed. No submissions were received during the consultation period. 

Next Steps

  • As outlined in the final test program, AEMO proposes to keep the market up to date during the commissioning period as follows:
  • Market Notices will be issued giving notice of the intended commissioning of the PEC Stage 1 and HIC Capacity release works and the intended start of the inter-network tests.
  • During active testing, a Market Notice and/or communication will be issued to advise when a series of tests will be conducted. As dispatch for testing will be achieved through the market systems, the market impact of the scheduled test will be evident to market participants through pre-dispatch and dispatch schedules.
  • At the end of testing at each test hold point a final Market Notice will be issued by AEMO to advise when the increased capability of PEC Stage 1 and HIC (as defined by the hold point) ceases to be subject to Inter-network test conditions and is released to the Market. This step is at AEMO’s discretion and will follow consideration by AEMO of a report on the results of all damping measurements and disturbance tests for that hold point.

Further information

Please send any queries about this test program to:

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