Regional Benefit Directions Procedures

Market National Electricity Market
StageFinal Report
ConvenorAEMO NEM
Accepting submissions?No

AEMO has published a final report and final Regional Benefit Directions Procedures (final Procedures) required by NER 3.15.8(b2), which concludes the expedited consultation process in NER 8.9.3.

The final Procedures describe the process and principles AEMO applies when determining the relative benefit each region receives from the issuance of a direction for the purpose of compensation cost recovery under the NER.

AEMO received two stakeholder submissions during the consultation which are published below. AEMO would like to thank all stakeholders for their involvement and feedback throughout the process. After reviewing and considering all suggested approaches to address the issues outlined in the stakeholder submissions, AEMO has decided to maintain the approach taken under the proposed Procedures in the final Procedures. However, based on the submissions received, AEMO has made some changes to the proposed Procedures to improve clarity for stakeholders in developing the final Procedures. Detail on the issues raised in the submissions, AEMO’s response and a list of changes made to the proposed Procedures is included in the final report.

The consultation process followed this timeline:

Consultation timeline

Indicative date

Proposed Procedures published

10 October 2023

Submissions due on proposed Procedures

7 November 2023

Final Procedures published

19 December 2023

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