SA Power Networks release new version of their Demand Side Engagement Document

Market Network Service Provider
ConvenorAEMO NSP
Accepting submissions?No

Notice to interested parties

In accordance with clause 5.13.1 of the National Electricity Rules, SA Power Networks wishes to advise parties registered on its Demand Side Engagement Register of the publication of the Demand Side Engagement Document (DSED).

This report details SA Power Networks’ demand side engagement strategy activities as specified in Schedule 5.9 of the NER.

The report is available from the SA Power Networks’ website.

Enquires should be directed to

SA Power Networks follows a network planning process in accordance with Section 5.13 of the National Electricity Rules.

A public Demand Side Engagement Register is maintained of people or organisations wishing to be kept informed of this process.

The pro-forma for registration/de-registration is available from the SA Power Networks’ website.

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