Structure of Participant Fees for Capacity Trading Platform, Day-ahead Auction, Operational Transportation Service Code Panel

Market Capacity Trading Platform
StageFinal Report
ConvenorAEMO Gas
Accepting submissions?No

AEMO is conducting a full consultation with stakeholders on the structure of fees to apply from 1 March 2019 for the following functions:

  • Capacity Trading Platform (CTP)
  • Day-ahead Auction (DAA)
  • Operational Transportation Service (OTS) Code Panel

The closing date for submissions responding to this Draft Report is 15 January 2019.

The objective of the consultation is to provide stakeholders with the opportunity to have input into the development of the structure of Participant fees in these new gas markets.

This consultation only applies to the methodology in regard to the structure of fees. The actual amount charged for each fee will be determined on an annual basis via the AEMO budgeting process.

Any queries please contact Hugh Ridgway, Senior Analyst Markets, 
Information about the CTP can be found here:

Consultation Paper

Submissions from the Consultation Paper

Draft Report

Submissions from the Draft Report

Final Report

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