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In 2022, AEMO identified a subset of initiatives as prerequisites to the effective implementation of several critical NEM reform initiatives. It was an opportune time to assess whether a strategic step-change for AEMO’s market interfacing technologies was required over continuing to invest in tactical changes to legacy software. AEMO was cognisant of the potential impact of this approach on Industry and its stakeholders.

To ensure the most effective and efficient solutions were identified, AEMO committed to collaborating with stakeholders to assess the benefits and costs of various options, prior to these initiatives proceeding further.

In 2023 and early 2024, AEMO conducted a series of business and technical workshops with a broad range of industry stakeholders to enable the development of the Identity and Access Management (IDAM), Industry Data eXchange (IDX) and Portal Consolidation (PC) business case.

Business case endorsement

At the NEM Reform Executive Forum on 28 March 2024, AEMO received industry endorsement for the business case, and subsequently through AEMO’s own internal approval governance processes, to proceed with the implementation of the following recommendations:

The approval and release of the final business case completed this phase of stakeholder engagement.

A new name as the focus turns to delivery

AEMO is focused on the successful delivery of the approved business case, noting that a second decision point associated with IDX ‘Transition’ continues to be forecast for late 2025, refer to the final business case for additional information.

Formerly known as the Foundational and Strategic initiatives, IDAM, IDX and PC are now referred to as the Market Interface Technology Enhancement (MITE) projects. This is an important change to reflect the area of impact of this suite of projects more accurately. All AEMO communications will now refer to the MITE initiatives.

MITE Working Group

AEMO has established the Market Interface Technology Enhancements Working Group (MITEWG).

The objective of the MITEWG is to enable collaboration with industry to progress the planning and implementation of key deliverables which relate to market interface technology, such as Identity and Access Management (IDAM), Industry Data Exchange (IDX) and Portal Consolidation (PC).

Record of activities

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