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AEMO has set out an Implementation Roadmap which coordinates the delivery of a broad range of energy reform initiatives. The objective of this Roadmap is to coordinate and implement reforms that will enhance and increase the National Electricity Market’s (NEM) capability and transition the NEM into a modern, fit for purpose, energy system which will and optimise consumer benefits.

AEMO has formed the NEM Reform Program to manage the implementation of this broad reform package contained within the roadmap, which builds on the ESB’s Post-2025 Electricity Market Design work. 

The scope of the program includes the initiatives identified by the ESBs Electricity Market Design work program. In addition to these initiatives AEMO has identified a subset of related of foundational and strategic initiatives which will target a base capability uplift upon which the ESB reforms are dependent. The program also coordinates with initiatives underway in the broader policy environment.

This is a significant work program and represents the most comprehensive reform package sought to be implemented since the NEM’s inception in 1998.

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