Employee in the spotlight with Leanna Tedesco

After the positive feedback following our first employee profile, Energy Live is excited to welcome our future Manager for Operations Planning Leanna Tedesco, to our employee spotlight series. With 18 years of experience in the energy industry, Leanna shares her insights about life at AEMO, and what keeps her mathematical brain ticking!


Energy Live (EL): Thank you for joining us today, Leanna. To start us off, can you let our readers know about your current role at AEMO?


Leanna Tedesco (LT): I have recently finished my role in the Forecasting team as Manager of Forecasting Technology Support. The team has been working on quite a number of initiatives supporting the broader Forecasting team, focused around data, systems and processes. The Forecasting team is also providing support on the new Integrated Forecasting and Planning Stage 3 Project, which is the next stage of transforming our forecasting processes. Right now, I am currently supporting the Energy Security Board in their development of the National Energy Guarantee, before moving on to my new position as the Manager for Operations Planning.


EL: What excites you the most about working in Australia’s energy sector?


LT: I think what is really exciting is the fact that it is changing so rapidly. The opportunities we’re seeing around newer technologies like batteries and renewables, while maintaining Australia’s security and reliability is really opening up doors to new ways of thinking and managing our energy system. As we move forward, it’s exciting to know that AEMO is constantly breaking new ground and learning things that we can share with our international counterparts.


JF: What drew you to working at AEMO?


LT: I am a statistician by trade, so over the years I spent quite some time working in academia and finance before moving over to the energy sector. I originally came here in search of something more scientific that I could apply my skills to, but I think it’s the evolving challenges that AEMO offered that drew and kept me here. I’ve been working in the energy sector for 18 years now!


JF: What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about working at AEMO?


LT: The diversity, people and industry is what makes AEMO a great place to work. When I come in to work every day I feel a real sense of purpose, and I see it in all my colleagues too. Essentially the job provides a service and helps every day consumers, which is truly rewarding.

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