Renewing AEMO's engagement model

Market All Energy Markets
StageFinal Report
ConvenorAEMO Stakeholder Engagement
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Matter under consultation 

AEMO is undertaking a stakeholder engagement model uplift of its existing forums and working groups to improve decision making and, ultimately, the outcomes delivered for energy consumers.

AEMO has reviewed engagement practices used by both AEMO and a range of comparable organisations. Part of this review involved collating and considering feedback from stakeholders. The review confirmed that many stakeholders find AEMO consultative and working groups to be at times inconsistent, fragmented, uncoordinated, and one-way in their communication. 

AEMO now seeks your feedback on potential reform alternatives, as we aim to deliver a more collaborative, transparent, and dynamic experience for our stakeholders as they engage with us. Our new model should also deliver a more streamlined formal stakeholder engagement and consultation process.

Any new model is intended to deliver a material shift in both:

  • The level of transparency market participants, consumers, and other stakeholders enjoy regarding AEMO’s understanding of current and emerging challenges, and
  • A more two-way, collaborative experience for stakeholders, in both defining problems and identifying solutions.

AEMO is committed to an uplift and shift of our engagement model to enable increased participation, collaboration, and co-operation. We are determined to ensure that stakeholders can engage with AEMO’s many workshops and forums in a way that is transparent (so stakeholders can understand what is happening across AEMO) and efficient (so their time is used effectively). 

Consultation process 

AEMO sought views from our members, energy industry participants, and regulatory, community, and consumer stakeholders on a revised forum structure between July 2020 and January 2021. All submissions are published on AEMO’s website below.

As well as the above written submissions, there were also several meetings that discussed this consultation where verbal feedback was provided to AEMO.

Stakeholder meetings

Meeting Type

Held with

Number of attendees

Length of meeting





45 minutes

21 July 2020

Information session

Open invitation


50 minutes

24 July 2020

Consumer Forum

Consumer representatives


15-minute item

4 August 2020


St Vincent de Paul


35 minutes

10 August 2020


Grid & Markets Directorate

Clean Energy Council & members

10-minute item

13 August 2020

Phone conversation



15 minutes

20 August 2020

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