Non Market Ancillary Services Annual Summary

AEMO procures several Non Market Ancillary Services (NMAS) to support power system security and quality of supply in the National Electricity Market.

AEMO publishes this report annually to provide information about the costs and quantities of NMAS it has procured.

There are two types of NMAS AEMO can procure:

  1. System Restart Ancillary Services (SRAS)
  2. Network Support and Control Ancillary Services (NSCAS)

Furthermore there are two types of NSCAS AEMO may procure:

  1. Reliability and Security Ancillary Service (RSAS)
  2. Market Benefit Ancillary Service (MBAS).

These two NSCAS types replace the three NSCAS types used up to 2021 (NLAS, TOSAS, and VCAS).

Non-Market Ancillary Services Annual Summary Reports

These annual reports provide the annual costs and quantities per NMAS service per region. For more detailed information on NMAS costs (weekly) see the Ancillary Services Payments and Recovery page in this section.

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