Procedure Change- PPCL0024

  • Type: Standard Procedure Change Process
  • Submitter: System Management
  • Title: Revised PSOP: Monitoring and Reporting Protocol
  • Date Submitted: 14 March 2013
  • Current Status: This Procedure Change was rejected by the IMO as published in the IMO's Decision on 1 August 2013.
Event Date Comment
Procedure Change Proposal published 20/03/2013  
Submission Period 21/03/2013 - 19/04/2013 The submission period is 20 Business Days from the date the IMO published the notification.
Procedure Change Report published 22/05/2013 The IMO must publish the Procedure Change Report within 5 Business Days after receiving the report from System Management.
The IMO's decision published 1/08/2013 The timeframe for publishing the IMO's decision has been extended in accordance with the Extension Notice published on 18 July 2013.
Amended Procedure Commences n/a  

Documents related to this Procedure Change Proposal

Submissions received during consultation period

Alinta [63kB]

Submissions received during informal consultation period

Alinta [143kB]

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