Engaging on the Allowable Revenue process

AEMO is committed to working with industry stakeholders throughout the allowable revenue process.

The key activities for the Allowable Revenue process are outlined below.

In addition to the public consultation process required by the ERA, AEMO engages in various stakeholder forums to ensure we provide transparency on the process, timely updates on progress and information about upcoming projects. Some of these include:

  • WA Electricity Consultative Forum (WAECF);

  • WA Gas Consultative Forum (WAGCF);

  • Market Advisory Committee (MAC);

  • Gas Advisory Board (GAB);

  • WEM Reform Implementation Group (WRIG); and

  • Western Australian Advocacy for Consumers of Energy and the Expert Consumer Panel (WA-ACE and the ECP).

For WA WEM or GSI meeting dates, please visit the web page: Industry meetings calendar and select Western Australia.   

Your feedback

AEMO aims to actively seek and take on board feedback as part of its consultation processes. This includes feedback on how we can improve the ways in which we engage with stakeholders under the allowable revenue processes.

For any feedback or questions regarding the allowable revenue process please contact us at: WA.MarketDevelopment@aemo.com.au

Current projects, consultations and key documents

Current projects

AEMO is currently preparing its second in-period submission under its 6th Allowable Revenue process. Consultation with industry is expected early in 2024.

Key Documents

AEMO’s key documents are below.

All Allowable Revenue Papers, including ERA’s Guideline to inform the Australian Energy Market Operator’s funding proposal and any public submissions to AEMO’s proposal are available on the ERA’s web page: Allowable Revenue and Forecast Capital Expenditure Determinations.

This web page also includes papers from previous years on the allowable revenue process.

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