5 yearly review of WA Gas Statement of Opportunities

Rule 105 of the GSI Rules requires that AEMO must, at least once in every 5-year period, conduct a review of the Gas Statement of Opportunities (GSOO), and that this review must be carried out in consultation with Gas Market Participants and gas industry groups.

Previous WA GSOO 5-year reviews

  • Five-Yearly Review - August 2018

    The WA GSOO was first published by the Independent Market Operator (IMO) in 2013. In 2015, certain IMO functions transferred to AEMO, including the responsibility for developing and publishing the WA GSOO. AEMO has published the WA GSOO from 2015 onwards. Modifications have been made annually to improve the modelling methodology and forecasting accuracy, to increase engagement with stakeholders, and to address issues of importance to the WA gas industry.

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