Through an electronic trading platform, the gas supply hub offers a low-cost, flexible method to buy and sell gas at interconnecting transmission pipelines. Public data files from the gas supply hub (GSH) reporting server are available here.

Historical Trades

The spreadsheet below provides a complete list of all historical trades since the GSH started. It is sorted by Trade Date – the date that the trade occurred.

Daily Files (Public)

  • Daily transaction summary report
    The report provides a summary of all trades executed in the current gas day per product. It provides information on the high/low open/close prices, total traded quantities and number of trades.
  • Historical gas day transaction report
    The report provides a summary of all trades delivered in the current gas day and the last thirty gas days per product location. It provides information on the volume weighted average price, and the total traded quantities.
  • Registered participants
    The report contains the registration details of all participants currently registered in the GSH market..
  • Benchmark price report
    This report provides daily Benchmark prices for the Wallumbilla and South East Queensland trading locations. The report is a daily report which starts generating at 10.30am and is updated and overwritten every 5 minutes with newly calculated non-firm benchmark prices. At the end of the gas day the price becomes firm and a report will be generated with the firm End of Day benchmark price and will not be overwritten.
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