GSI procedures

This following procedures outline the registration, deregistration, transfer, and exemption process, as well as the operation of the Gas Bulletin Board (GBB) and Emergency Management Facility (EMF).

Procedure Description Latest update

GSI Procedure – Registration, Deregistration, Exemptions and Transfer

This Procedure outlines the registration, deregistration, transfer, and exemption process. 30 November 2015
GSI Procedure – Operation of the GBB and EMF This Procedure outlines the operation of the GBB and the EMF. 30 November 2015

Under the Gas Services Information (GSI) Rules, only AEMO can initiate the procedure change process, however gas market participants may approach AEMO with suggested changes to procedures. Participants intending to provide a suggestion should contact AEMO on the contact details below before submitting a suggestion.

Any Procedure Change Proposal must be:

  • Consistent with the GSI Objectives.
  • Consistent with the GSI Rules, the Gas Services Information Act 2012, and Regulations.

When AEMO proposes a change, it publishes a procedure change proposal, requests submissions from the public, and may convene the Gas Advisory Board to discuss the proposal.


Any person can make a submission relating to a Procedure Change Proposal, during the period indicated for public submissions. Submissions should be provided by email to the nominated AEMO contact and must be received before 5:00 pm (WST) on the final submission date, unless otherwise noted. AEMO is not obliged to consider submissions received after the closing date and time. Any late submissions should explain the reason for lateness and the detriment to you if AEMO does not consider your submission.

A submission must clearly state which Procedure Change Proposal is being addressed, using the reference number. Please relate each submission to a single Procedure Change Proposal. Submissions should be made using the form below

Contact details

All suggestions for amendment or replacement of an AEMO GSI Procedure should be sent to

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