Industry working groups

The 5MS Program has a dedicated stakeholder engagement framework where each 5MS workstream is aligned to an industry working group. Each working group reports into to the Program Consultative Forum (PCF) and Executive Forum (EF) respectively. 
The working groups provide members with an opportunity to discuss and explore key topics and contribute feedback and ideas 

In addition, the Program holds monthly question and answer (Q&A) sessions and focus groups, allowing members to drill-down on specific topics of interest.

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5MS flowchart


Executive forum PCF RWG SWG PWG ITWG

Outside of the working groups, the following communication channels are also available and open to all stakeholders:

  • Information sessions: aimed at providing user friendly updates on the 5MS Program progress.   

  • Newsletters:  designed to keep all stakeholders up to date with the latest 5MS Program news.

  • Energy Live articles: utilised to provide updates to a broad cross section of energy users and participants at key program intervals.  

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