Enhanced Medium Term Projected Assessment of System Adequacy (MT PASA) Information

Enhanced MT PASA information rule commencement

The Enhanced MT PASA information rule change has commenced. From 9 October 2023 scheduled generators are required to increase the MT PASA information currently supplied to AEMO (daily) to include Unit state and Unit recall time.

Enhanced MT PASA new interface deployment

AEMO has now deployed the new interface for the enhanced MT PASA information rule change which commences on Monday 9 October 2023.


The Enhanced MT PASA Information initiative was established under the NEM 2025 Reform program to deliver the key changes arising from the National Electricity Amendment (Enhancing information on generator availability in MT PASA) Rule 2022 No. 7.

This AEMO initiated rule change highlighted that the lack of detailed information on generator availability is becoming an issue. Rapid change to the NEM’s generation fleet, as renewable energy generation enters the market, will drive changes to the operating regimes of aging thermal generation plants leading to several challenges including:

  • Reduction in the number of units made available during certain periods of the day or year leading to a potential lack of reserve or essential system services,
  • Lack of standardised information making it difficult for AEMO to effectively plan and operate the system,
  • Increased complexity in assessment of compliance under the current notice of closure arrangements,
  • Limitations on the ability of participants to coordinate maintenance schedules, and
  • Weakened investment signals.


The rule change seeks to address this problem by improving the understanding about why particular generators are unavailable and how long they would take to come back online.

From 9 October 2023, scheduled generators are required to increase the MT PASA information currently supplied to AEMO (daily) to include:

  • Unit state - that is, a scheduled generating unit’s availability or unavailability and the reason for its availability or unavailability (referred to as unit state, reason, or reason code).
  • Unit recall time - to indicate the period in which the plant could be made available under normal conditions after a period of unavailability. AEMO has determined which unit states will require a unit recall time to be submitted.


The Enhanced MT PASA information rule change commenced on 9 October 2023.

Industry engagement

This initiative forms part of NEM Reform Program and market participants can get involved by visiting:

Reference information

Further information

For further information please contact NEMReform@aemo.com.au.

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