Implementation Forum

MarketNational Electricity Market Meetings

AEMO has established the Implementation Forum to coordinate readiness activities across the industry for the November 2022 and May 2023 Industry releases. The Implementation Forum is the main stakeholder forum for direct industry input into the planning and execution of readiness activities. 

The November 2022 Release includes the MSATS Standing Data Review (MSDR), Consumer Data Rights (CDR) phase 1, B2B 3.7 and the release of eMDM high priority backlog changes. The May 2023 release will include the Introduction of Stand-Alone Power Systems (SAPS), Consumer Data Rights (CDR) phase 2, B2B 3.8 and automation of AEMO Meter Exemption process The implementation Forum will also support the March 2023 Phase 1 release of Integrating Energy Storage Solutions (IESS).

AEMO and the Implementation Forum will form focus groups to address specific readiness areas where specialised knowledge and expertise is required. For example: Industry test preparation and execution and transition activities.

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