AEMO statement: Callide C Power Station

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6pm 25 May 2021

AEMO media statement – forecast LOR3

AEMO has issued a forecast Lack of Reserve 3 (LOR3) market notice for 5pm in Queensland as a result of generation unavailability. 

LOR3 signals a deficit in the supply/demand balance and, with no market response, controlled load shedding may possibly be required.

There is currently a maximum deficit of 1,043 MW of reserves available in Queensland during the forecast LOR3 conditions.

Due to a combination of conditions, energy reserve levels have depleted and AEMO advises this may impact consumers, power system security and reliability. 

Controlled load shedding brings power flows into balance, averting the risk of system collapse or physical damage to parts of the power system. AEMO views load shedding as an absolute last resort to securely manage the interconnected power system. 

Transmission and distribution businesses manage the load shedding process on a rotational basis, where possible, and consumers may be impacted for approximately 1 – 2 hours.

AEMO will continue to monitor reserve levels to maintain adequate supply and will be proactive in our communication should the supply and demand balance change. Network service providers will also issue updates on outages in their networks 

Please refer to the relevant information on: 

4pm 25 May 2021

At approximately 1:45pm, there was an issue at the Callide C Power Station in Central Queensland that took several of its generation units out of service.

Following this, multiple transmission lines and other power stations were interrupted, including units at Gladstone, Stanwell, Yarwun and MacKay. This resulted in the loss of approximately 3,100 megawatts (MW) in Queensland.

Approximately 2,300 MW of customer demand in Queensland and 40 MW in New South Wales was also interrupted.

AEMO can confirm that the National Electricity Market is operating in a stable environment and that generating units are returning to service and customers are being progressively restored.

The supply demand scenarios are currently being assessed.


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AEMO also operates the Victorian Declared Wholesale Gas Market and the Victorian gas transmission system; the wholesale gas Short Term Trading Market hubs in Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane; the Wallumbilla Gas Supply Hub in Queensland; and the Moomba Gas Supply Hub in South Australia.  

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