Media Release: Heatwave conditions in Victoria

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AEMO is forecasting the highest electricity demand in Victoria since January 2014, due to extreme temperatures combined with unusually high humidity. 

While there are currently sufficient electricity reserves to manage the peak electricity demand today, this situation could change.  AEMO is requesting consumers in Victoria reduce their energy usage between approximately 1pm and 8pm, to help minimise the potential for electricity supply disruptions this afternoon.

Consumers can temporarily reduce their energy usage where it is safe and possible to do so, by avoiding running additional appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines, setting air conditioners to 23-26 degrees, and temporarily switching off pool pumps.

AEMO acknowledges that the health and wellbeing of consumers remains the highest priority, so please only conserve energy to the extent it is safe to do so. Click here for more energy saving tips.

 While AEMO is not currently forecasting supply shortfalls or the need for involuntary load shedding, heatwave conditions that drive high electricity demand, combined with unplanned generation or transmission outages, could result in electricity disruptions. For example, should a major generator fail, or weather conditions further deteriorate. AEMO will try to give consumers as much notice as we can but this may not be possible.

In addition, these extreme conditions may cause temporary local outages at the distribution ‘poles and wires’ network and this may occur with little notice.

AEMO has contracted additional electricity reserves, however, should these be insufficient to manage unexpected outages of generation or electricity transmission assets, load shedding may be required as an absolute last resort to avert the risk of system collapse, physical damage to parts of the power system or long-term outages to residents and businesses.

Load shedding is the deliberate shutdown of power to parts of the electricity distribution network to reduce a pre-determined volume of electricity usage to maintain system stability and the supply-demand balance.

AEMO and the electricity industry are working together to minimise the impact on the community, particularly major health facilities, emergency services and public transport. However, these services can still be affected and should have business continuity arrangements in place. 

 AEMO, as the national power system operator, will continue to closely monitor the situation and provide updates as the situation unfolds and conditions improve.

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