UPDATED AEMO statement: heatwave conditions in Victoria - 3:30pm

2 min

AEMO has declared an actual Lack of Reserve 2 (LOR2) condition in Victoria from 3pm to 9pm today due to an outage on the Moorabool to Mortlake and Moorabool to Tarrone transmission lines. This has resulted in a separation between Victoria and South Australia at the Heywood Interconnector, as well as interrupting supply to the Portland aluminium smelter.

The outage has also reduced electricity supply reserves for Victoria due to some generation located in the separated section of the Victorian transmission network.  This has reduced reserves available in Victoria to 406 MW as we approach the peak demand period.

There are adequate reserve levels in South Australia, but tight in Victoria, and AEMO will provide a further update as we continue to monitor and manage the situation.

AEMO is working with AusNet Services to investigate the cause of the transmission line outage and determine a restoration time.

AEMO is dispatching emergency reserves (RERT) in Victoria and reiterates the need for Victorians to reduce their energy usage where safe to do so until 9pm, to help minimise the potential for electricity supply disruptions this afternoon.

Consumers can temporarily reduce their energy usage where it is safe and possible to do so, by avoiding running additional appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines, setting air conditioners to 23-26 degrees, and temporarily switching off pool pumps.

AEMO acknowledges that the health and wellbeing of consumers remains the highest priority, so please only conserve energy to the extent it is safe to do so. Click here for more energy saving tips

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