UPDATED 6:30pm - Heatwave conditions VIC and NSW

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As a result of damage to multiple transmission towers in Western Victoria, extremely high demand levels caused by high temperatures across south-east Australia, and multiple generation outages, both NSW and Victoria are in an actual LOR 2 condition and emergency reserves (RERT) have been activated in both states.

The loss of additional generation capacity or transmission outages in either state, may result in the need for rotational load shedding across both Victoria and NSW.The damage to the transmission towers in Western Victoria has resulted in the loss of electricity supply to the Portland aluminium smelter in Victoria.  AEMO worked in collaboration with APD (Portland smelter owner), ElectraNet and Origin Energy to urgently restore supply to the Portland smelter.

The transmission outage has also impacted supply from generators in western Victoria (west of the damaged transmission towers) and imports from South Australia. South Australia remains separated from the rest of the NEM but at this stage has sufficient reserves.

 AEMO is calling for consumers to reduce their energy usage where safe to do so until 9pm, to help minimise the potential for electricity supply disruptions.

Consumers can temporarily reduce their energy usage where it is safe and possible to do so, by avoiding running additional appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines, setting air conditioners to 23-26 degrees, and temporarily switching off pool pumps. 

Controlled load shedding brings power flows into balance, averting the risk of system collapse or physical damage to parts of the power system. 

AEMO views load shedding as an absolute last resort to securely manage the interconnected power system. 

Please refer to the relevant information on: 

·         Lack of Reserves  

·         RERT  

·         Load shedding  

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