AEMO Corporate Plan 2020-23

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AEMO has launched our Corporate Plan for 2020-23, which sets forward the opportunities, challenges and risks within our rapidly evolving industry.

Today, AEMO launched our Corporate Plan 2020-23 to inform stakeholders of our plans to shape a better energy future for all Australians within a rapidly changing energy landscape.

Having recently reached our first decade as the independent market and system operator, we’re committed to another decade of delivering technical excellence, collaboration and innovation that will produce best-in-class solutions to support Australian household and business consumers, today and into the future.

The energy industry in Australia is undergoing unprecedented, rapid and transformational change. Indeed, by many metrics, change is occurring faster in Australia than in almost all other developed economies, and in a physical and operating environment that poses greater technical and design challenges. Our experience over the last several years demonstrates that the challenges – and opportunities – in our industry are only increasing in scale.

AEMO is committed to leading and converting these opportunities into sustained advantages for energy consumers. The forces of innovation that are changing the way energy is produced, delivered and consumed are also offering new ways to meet the essential requirements of affordable, secure and reliable energy that addresses community and environmental objectives.

Australia is leading the world in many ways in the speed of adoption of variable renewable energy, distributed energy resources, and storage as core elements of the energy economy. AEMO is supporting Australian household and business consumers in the choices they are making so they get the benefits of the energy industry transformation, today and into the future.

AEMO has always developed annual action, budget and risk management plans, but this Corporate Plan is the first time we have presented a unified three-year strategic plan. The annual planning and reporting cycles represent two key components of AEMO’s commitment to transparency.

In this Corporate Plan for 2020-23, AEMO sets forward the opportunities, challenges and risks we are confronting, and our plans to address them, consistent with the needs of the energy systems and consumers. We also specify our annual budget and expected performance outcomes.

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