AEMO welcomes CDR in energy

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The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) welcomes the introduction of Consumer Data Right (CDR) in energy, along with the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) recommendation today for AEMO’s gateway data access model

While CDR legislation was passed in parliament at the start of August, the ACCC has led an extensive stakeholder consultation process on several data access models, considering key criteria, such as cost effectiveness, security and privacy, user functionality and interoperability. 

CDR authorises the sharing of consumer data from an existing provider to an accredited third party to help consumers compare and access better energy deals. Further, the introduction is expected to enable access to innovative products and services to best support consumers’ energy needs.

At the end of February, the ACCC released its Consumer Data Right in Energy consultation paper, setting out three consumer data access models, with 39 stakeholders responding with written submissions, including AEMO.

Today, the ACCC published its position paper, Data access model for energy data, considering stakeholder views on the merits of three data access model options, with a recommendation endorsing the AEMO gateway model.

AEMO’s gateway model is an efficient mechanism to meet the objective of energy data liquidity, increased competition and innovation to the ultimate benefit of the consumer.

AEMO looks forward to working with the ACCC and other stakeholders to implement CDR to the energy sector.

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