The importance of flexibility at AEMO

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It’s international Flexible Working Day and here at AEMO we sat down to talk to some of the team with flexible arrangements already in place to find out how it benefits them and their careers

The way we work is changing, advances in technology and communications (in addition to perceptions about working remotely) have paved the way for many employees and companies to embrace flexible working arrangements that better suit their lives. Here at AEMO, we’re also embracing this evolution of traditional working approaches to support our internal team (in both their professional and personal lives) by collaborating with them to develop mutually beneficial flexible working arrangements.

The Flexible Working Day group advises that in order to properly adopt flexible working, flexible mindsets and flexible work styles are first required. ‘It is about people working in ways that allow them to achieve their best and for employers to reap the rewards. Making the most of employees means supporting innovative and diverse work arrangements - from the night owl starting and finishing late, job-sharing and part-time work, to name a few.’

From an AEMO perspective, there have been long standing flexible working guidelines in place, but our Diversity and Inclusion Committee are currently reviewing all policies, processes and documentation around flexible working to ensure we’re supporting our people to the fullest extent.

"Research has shown that offering flexible working options can boost overall productivity levels and improve employee engagement and satisfaction, " said AEMO’s Reserve Capacity Manager in Western Australia, Neetika Kapani.

In honour of international Flexible Working Day, we sat down with some AEMO personnel from across the country to learn more about their individual flexible working arrangements, and how it helps them find balance with their busy lives. You can watch their stories here:

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