NEM Reliability Forecasting Guidelines and Methodology Consultation

Market National Electricity Market
StageFinal Report
ConvenorAEMO NEM
Accepting submissions?No

Consultation timeline

  • FRG meeting
    26 Oct 2022
  • Consultation paper published
    31 Oct 2022
  • Workshops – Collaborate on consultation topics
    7-8 Nov 2022
  • Stage 1 consultation submissions close
    28 Nov 2022
  • Draft determination and draft reports published
    3 Feb 2023
  • Stage 2 consultation submissions close
    3 Mar 2023
  • Final determination and final reports published
    24 Apr 2023

Key contact

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This consultation will review numerous reliability forecasting guidelines and methodologies. In undertaking this consultation AEMO applies both the standard rules consultation procedure as described in clause 8.9.2 of the National Electricity Rules (NER) and the Forecasting Best Practice consultation procedures as described in the Appendix A of the AER’s Forecasting Best Practice Guidelines.

This consultation aims to meet AEMO’s requirements under:

  • the Enhancing information on generator availability in MTPASA rule change
  • AEMO’s commitment to review processes used for projecting supply adequacy over the medium term, as specified in the market event and reviewable operating incident report for the NEM market suspension and operational challenges in June 2022.
  • the AER’s Forecasting Best Practise Guidelines (to review at least once every four years)
  • AEMO’s Reliability Forecast Guidelines (to review at least once every four years)
  • NER 3.9.3D(e) (to review the Reliability Standard Implementation Guidelines at least once every four years)

AEMO will also implement minor and administrative changes related to the Integrating Energy Storage Systems in the NEM rule change.

  • First Stage
  • Second Stage
  • Final Report and Guidelines
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