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Procedure Change Proposal

Wholesale Electricity Market Rules – Clause 2.10

Date of Notice: 21 January 2021

This notice informs all Rule Participants and interested parties (Consulted Persons) that AEMO has published a Procedure Change Proposal in respect of the new Market Procedure: Settlement, and is conducting a consultation process in respect of this proposal.

This consultation is being carried out in accordance with the Procedure Change Process detailed in clause 2.10 of the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) Rules.

Matter under Consultation

The matters are related to clause 9.2.1 of the WEM Rules which requires AEMO to document the settlement process, including the application of taxes and interest, and the processes to be followed in relation to Notices of Disagreement and Notices of Dispute in a Market Procedure.

Clause 2.9.3(b) of the WEM Rules requires a Market Procedure to be amended where a change is required to maintain consistency with the Amending Rules. AEMO has initiated this Procedure Change Proposal to propose amendments to the Procedure to ensure that it is consistent with the Amending Rules under RC_2019_04: Administrative Improvements to Settlements.

The Amending Rules introduced by RC_2019_04:

  • allow AEMO to use updated input data for settlement;
  • provide more time for Rule Participants to lodge a Notice of Disagreement;
  • include Ancillary Service Providers in the settlement process; and
  • require AEMO to determine the Minimum Transaction Cost (replacing the $1.00 minimum settlement amount that applied under the pre-Amending Rules).

The proposed amendments to the Procedure to align it with the above changes are summarised in section 3.1 of this Procedure Change Proposal.

Further details are provided in the Procedure Change Proposal published with this notice. The proposed revised Market Procedure is published with this notice and the Procedure Change Proposal.

The consultation process

The consultation process is outlined below. Dates in italics are indicative only and subject to change.

Process Stage


Closing date for submissions in response to the Procedure Change Proposal

19 February 2021

 Publication of Procedure Change Report

18 March 2021

 Proposed commencement of revised Market Procedure

19 March 2021

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