B2B Procedures v3.7

Market National Electricity Market
StageFirst Stage
ConvenorAEMO NEM
Accepting submissions?Yes
Submissions close06/07/2021

AEMO is conducting a consultation on B2B Procedures on behalf of the IEC. The IEC has developed the changes proposed in this consultation in the interests of improving the functionality of existing B2B transactions and to incorporate routine communication between electricity retail market participants into B2B transactions.  

First stage consultation 

Date of Notice: 31 May 2021 
This Notice of First Stage of rules Consultation informs all Business-to-Business (B2B) Parties, relevant B2B Change Parties, AEMO and such other persons who identify themselves to the Information Exchange Committee (IEC) as interested in the B2B Procedures (Consulted Persons) that AEMO is conducting a consultation (Consultation) on the B2B Procedures (B2B Procedures) on behalf of the IEC.  

The Consultation: 

  • Is being conducted under clause 7.17.4 of the National Electricity Rules (NER), in accordance with the Rules consultation requirements in NER 8.9.  
  • Has been prepared using information available at 31 May 2021.  
  • May reflect information which has been made available after 31 May 2021, where practical. 

Matter under consultation 

The matter for consultation is the following list of procedures which the IEC is proposing to amend under this consultation.  

Instrument New/Amended
Customer Site Details Notification Process Amended (Procedure changes)
Service Order Process Amended (Procedure changes)
Meter Data Process Amended (Version control only)
One Way Notification Process Amended (Version control only)
Technical Delivery Specification Amended (Procedure changes)
B2B Guide Amended (document changes)

The IEC invites comments on the proposed changes contained within the Notice of Consultation. Submissions should be forwarded to the IEC by 5:00pm (Melbourne time) on Tuesday, 6 July 2021.  

Any queries should be directed to AEMO's NEM Retail Procedures Consultation email address, NEM.Retailprocedureconsultations@aemo.com.au

Process Stage Date

Publication of Issues Paper

31 May 2021 

Closing date for submissions in response to the Issues Paper

6 July 2021 

Publication of Draft Report and Determination (Draft Report) 

3 August 2021 

Closing date for submissions in response to the Draft Report

18 August 2021

Publication of Final Report and Determination (Final Report)

29 September 2021 

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