DWGM Electronic Communication Procedures Consultation

Market DWGM
ConvenorAEMO NEM
Accepting submissions?No
Submissions close23/09/2020

Proposed Procedure Change to the Declared Wholesale Gas Market (DWGM) Electronic Communication Procedures (Victoria)

Notice of consultation

Date: 26 August 2020

This notice informs all interested parties that AEMO is conducting a consultation on the DWGM Wholesale Market Electronic Communication Procedures (Victoria) to:

  • Reference the detailed descriptions of each element of the Electronic Communication System in the relevant Technical Document.
  • Remove various sections of the Procedures that provided high-level descriptions of the Electronic Communication System which are better described in the technical documents.
  • Review, refine and update the Technical Documents describing the Electronic Communication System that governs AEMO and Registered Participant interactions.
  • Enhance MIBB report INT029a/029b for System Wide Notices to incorporate separate email in addition to the current SMS text field.
  • Move curtailment instructions to the MIBB by implementing the new MIBB report INT133A.

AEMO has published a Proposed Procedure Change, which details the proposed changes to the Wholesale Market Electronic Communication Procedures. The three technical documents describing the DWGM Electronic Communication System are the DWGM Participant Build Pack, User Guide to MIBB Reports and WebExchanger User Guide.

These documents are attached to the PPC as part of the Procedure change consultation being conducted according to Rule 135EE of the National Gas Rules.


Comment on the consultation must be sent to GWCF_Correspondence@aemo.com.au by 23 September 2020.

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