IIR IN004/12 (RMP Changes Package 2) Procedure Consolidation: Redundant Provisions and Administrative Functions

Market NSW and ACT Retail
ConvenorAEMO Gas
Accepting submissions?No
Submissions close29/11/2013

This consultation proposes changes to the Retail Market Procedures (RMP) for VIC, NSW/ACT, and SA.

Essentially the changes are removing redundant provisions and introducing consistent administrative arrangements for a number of AEMO’s functions. This consultation also proposes changes to the Gas Interface Protocol (VIC and QLD) and Specification Pack (SP).

These minor documentation changes and have no IT system or business process impacts.

Retail Market Procedures (NSWACT) Version 12 (marked up)
11 November 2013 | filesize:1.90 MB (.pdf)
Retail Market Procedures (SA) - version 6 0 (Marked up)
11 November 2013 | filesize:2.47 MB (.pdf)
Retail Market Procedures (Victoria) - version 7 (marked up)
11 November 2013 | filesize:891 KB (.pdf)
Consolidated list of comments with AEMO response for PPC IN004-12
11 November 2013 | filesize:521 KB (.pdf)

PPC IN004-13 Redundant Provision and other minor changes
14 Oct2013 |filesize: 890 kb (.pdf)

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