Powerlink Summary Queensland PADR Maintaining reliability of supply to Rockhampton

Market National Electricity Market
StageDraft Report
ConvenorAEMO NSP
Accepting submissions?No
Submissions close15/03/2019

Powerlink has recently published a ‘Project Assessment Draft Report’ (PADR) to maintain reliability of supply to the Rockhampton area.

The Egans Hill to Rockhampton transmission line is a 132kV double circuit line commissioned in 1963 that forms part of the connection between Powerlink’s Bouldercombe and Rockhampton substations. It provides a critical link into the Rockhampton Substation which is a major injection point for the Rockhampton and surrounding area distribution network.

The proposed preferred option (that is demonstrated to satisfy the RIT-T) is a staged life extension of the line, with Stage 1 to be completed by December 2020 and Stage 2 by December 2030, with a full rebuild by 2044. The proposed RIT-T project involves Stage 1, the refit and paint of the northern section of the line and refit without paint of the southern section of the line by December 2020, at an estimated capital cost of $9.98 million in 2018/19 prices.  Powerlink is the proponent of this network project.

In accordance with the requirements of the Rules, a summary of the PADR has been made available on AEMO’s website. A copy of the entire document can be obtained from the Powerlink Website on the RIT-T Consultations page or by emailing NetworkAssessments@powerlink.com.au.

Submissions on the Project Assessment Draft Report are required by the closing date of Friday 15 March 2019.

Any enquiries in the first instance should be directed to:

Roger Smith
Manager Network and Alternate Solutions
Powerlink Queensland
PO Box 1193

Tel: (+617) 3860 2328


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