WA Gas Retail Market Changes (IN006/18W and IN003/19W)

Market WA Retail
StageERA Application
ConvenorAEMO Gas
Accepting submissions?No
Submissions close30/06/2020

Submission to AEMO on the final Impact and Implementation Reports (IIR) for the following two Scheme amendments have closed with no objections being received.

  • IN006/18W – Requirements around EIC
  • IN003/19W – Holistic Tidy up of WA RMP

In accordance with clause 383(4) of the RMP WA, AEMO has decided to submit the two endorsed procedure changes to the Economic Regulation Authority (ERA) for approval. Under the same clauses, AEMO is required to provide a copy of the submission which is listed below.

How to make a Submission to the ERA

Submissions on AEMO’s application to the ERA for the two Scheme amendments close on 30 June 2020. Submissions should be lodged online using the form on the ERA website - www.erawa.com.au/consultation.

For further information contact:

General Enquiries: Lipakshi Dhar, telephone 08 6557 7940 or e-mail: lipakshi.dhar@erawa.com.au or records@erawa.com.au

Media Enquiries: Natalie Warnock, telephone 08 6557 7900 or e-mail: communications@erawa.com.au

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