Data is provided in comma delimited flat file format to enable access to a range of market data. Recent files are stored in a directory for current reports, and older files are moved into the archive reports directory. Prices quoted in these files are exclusive of GST.

File names include date and time stamps and a unique identifier to differentiate the files: eg.


This file contains 30 minute predispatch (forecast) data by region to the end of the next market day, and is updated half hourly. Data covers forecast interconnector flows, constraints, regional reference price, demand, dispatchable generation, dispatchable load, and ancillary services data. This file format will be updated in line with NEM market developments. (Please see note)

5 Minute Pre-dispatch

This file contains 5 minute predispatch (forecast) data by region, showing short term price and demand forecasts looking out one hour ahead. The information is updated every 5 minutes. (Please see note)


The National Electricity Market registration classification of Yarwun Power Station Unit 1 (dispatchable unit ID: YARWUN_1) is market non-scheduled generating unit. However, it is a condition of the registration of this unit that the Registered Participant complies with some of the obligations of a Scheduled Generator. This unit is dispatched as scheduled generating unit with respect to its dispatch offers, targets and generation outputs. Accordingly, information about YARWUN_1 is reported as scheduled generating unit information.

The Tumut 3 Pumps (dispatchable unit ID: SNOWYP) are not classified as scheduled load in the National Electricity Market. However, they are required to comply with some of the obligations of a Market Customer in respect of a scheduled load. The Tumut 3 Pumps are dispatched as if they were scheduled loads with respect to their dispatch bids, targets and consumption. Accordingly, information about SNOWYP is reported as market scheduled load information.


This data is provided for information only and is not intended for commercial use. AEMO does not guarantee the accuracy of the data or its availability at all times.

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