Market Suspension Pricing Schedule

This file is generated each week at around 0000hrs on Sundays and otherwise on an ad hoc basis if any manual price adjustments occur. Where there are multiple files created for the same week due to price adjustments, the file with the latest #REPORT_DATETIME takes precedence.

The data fields "EFFECTIVEDATEFROM" and "EFFECTIVEDATETO" inside each file refer to respectively the start and end date of the week that the pricing schedules within the file apply to.

Please see report details below:

  • #CASE_DATE = Market Date (YYYYMMDD) when the previous report was created - usually the Sunday before last

  • #REPORT_DATETIME = Market Date & time (YYYYMMDDhhmiss) when this report was created - usually last Sunday around 03:00hrs

  • EVENT_QUEUE_ID = Unique Job ID for creating this report

  • Market Suspension Pricing Schedules - (approx. size 40Kb)

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