Participant Forecasting

In early 2018, AEMO and ARENA began undertaking a Market Participant 5-Minute self-forecast program to demonstrate the potential benefits of wind and solar generator self-forecasting to operation of the power system. It is anticipated that the use of self-forecasting will deliver system wide benefits by reducing generation forecast error and providing greater autonomy to existing semi-scheduled generators.

Market participants can optionally provide dispatch self-forecasts of the unconstrained intermittent generation from their semi-scheduled generating units for use in dispatch. These forecasts are only subject to technical factors, and do not reflect market intentions. Market participants must register with AEMO to submit dispatch self-forecasts.

All requests to register with AEMO must be made using this application form, and sent from the trading manager of that participant via email to:

AEMO will then work with the Participant to establish secure access to the self-forecasting API – see the Guide to AEMO's e-Hub APIs. The Participant Administrator can manage access to other users, including third-party self-forecasting providers – see the Guide to User Rights Management.

Technical details that relate to this project, such as API details and Participant Data Model designs, are available from the NEM IT Change and Release Management page under the EMMS item.

AEMO will conduct performance assessments of the dispatch self-forecast according to the Semi-Scheduled Generation Dispatch Self-Forecast - Assessment Procedure.

Dispatch data is available here, including self-forecasts and AWEFS/ASEFS forecasts.

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