Settlement Technical Guides

This page provides technical specifications, guides and other documentation related to settlement of the WEM.

WEM Settlement Formulation

The PaSS system is built on the basis of the independently certified WEM Metering, Settlement and Prudential Calculation formulation document.

This document creates a mathematically accurate representation of the WEM Rules, including:

  • Representation of Sets for use within the document
  • Mathematical equation representation of the WEM Rules
  • Specification for Variables used by the Prudential system
  • Trading Margin calculation for Participants on a given day
  • Monthly (NSTEM) and Weekly (STEM) settlement
  • Input estimation methodology for Prudentials.

Current version

The effective version of the WEM Metering, Settlement & Prudential Calculations can be found below:

Settlement Statements and Invoices

This WEM Settlement Statement and Invoice Technical Guide provides general information about the formats of the Settlement Statements and Invoices produced by AEMO in accordance with the WEM Rules.

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