Procedure Change- PPCL0017

  • Type: Standard Procedure Change Process
  • Submitter: System Management
  • Title: Facility Outages
  • Date Submitted: 06 December 2010
  • Current Status: Closed. The amended PSOP commenced 1 August 2011.
Event Date Comments
Procedure Change Proposal published 13/12/2010  
Submission period 14/12/2010 - 13/01/2011 The submission period is 20 Business Days from the date the IMO published the notification.
Procedure Change Report published 28/06/2011 Can be published any time after the end of the submission period.
The IMO's decision published 12/07/2011 The IMO must publish its decision on the Procedure Change Report within 10 Business Days of publishing the report.
Amended Procedure Commences 1/08/2011 This date for commencement has been approved by the IMO.

Documents related to this Procedure Change Proposal

Submissions received during Public Consultation Process

The IMO [80kB]

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