Daily data reports

Real time data from the Declared Wholesale Gas Market in Victoria uploaded from the Market Information Bulletin Board (MIBB) is available here.

The data available includes price and withdrawals, ancillary payments, bid stacks, consumption, demand forecast, effective degree day, registered participants, heating values, gas quality data and more.

Daily Reports

Actual EDD


AMDQ Transferred

Allocated Injections Withdrawals

Bid Stack

Customer Transfer Report

Cumulative Price

Daily Gas Consumption

Demand Forecast

Details of Registered Organisations

Declared Heating Value

DFPC Day + 3

Report of DWGM Operational Gas Usage - 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014 - Final

Report for DWGM Operational Gas Usage - 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2013

Proposed MIBB Report Format v1.1

Forecast Demand Data

Gas Composition Data

Gas Quality Data

Heating Values - Prev 7 Days

Hourly SCADA pressures at MCE Nodes

Indicative Locational Prices - Previous 7 Days

Indicative Market Price (CSV)

Latest NSL

Latest Total Hourly NSL

Latest NSL Non-PTS

LNG Monitor

Linepack Scheduled Minimum Quantities

Market and Reference Prices

Nominations at Schedule Cut Off times

Non-PTS BMP Versions

Operational Metering Data

Prices and Withdrawals (Rolling 12 Months)

Physical Linepack - Cur and Prev 2 days

Public Ancillary Payments

Public Estimated Ancillary Payments

Public D+3 Metering Data

Published Scheduled System Totals Info

Published Daily Heating Value Non-PTS

Schedule Run Log

SDPC - Day + 3

Settlements Activity GMP

Settlement Version

Spare Capacity Status

System Notices

Total Gas Withdrawn

TUoS Zone to Postcode Mapping

Victorian LinePack Account Balance

Weighted Average Daily Prices

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