GBB facility registration

This page provides details of the various activities needed to manage a GBB facility. To register in a different energy market, please go to Energy Systems > Registration.

Register a facility for the GBB

The following documents are needed to register a Bulletin Board (BB) facility or Part 24 facility for the Gas Bulletin Board (GBB).

Exemptions for GBB data provision

Eligibility for exemption

In instances where information relating to a GBB facility is provided by one GBB participant, another GBB participant may be granted an exemption from providing the information. The most common example of this is where two pipelines intersect; in this situation, one of the participants will provide the information and the other participant will apply for an exemption.

The exempted participant must still submit all other information that is required under the Rules.

Applying for an exemption

The following form needs to be completed when applying for an exemption. You must provide supporting evidence from the other participant that endorses the exemption and acknowledges that they will take on the function of GBB reporting entity for the information for both facilities. AEMO may seek further evidence to confirm that the exemption can be granted.

Update facility information

If any Gas Bulletin Board (GBB) Facility Operators or Part 24 Facility Operators need to update their facility details, please fill out a new facility registration form (see the ‘Register a facility for the GBB’ section above). If you have a copy of your old form, please send that in, with amendments shown in a different colour.

Change a GBB facility operator

The following transfer document needs to be completed when a GBB facility is being transferred to another operator, the membership of the facility operator group has changed, or the GBB reporting entity for the facility has changed.

Revoke a facility registration in the GBB

To revoke a facility registration in the GBB, the facility operator must complete the following form.

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