Market member information

The following documents outline key agreements, rules and terms and conditions that bind – or can be used by – members of the GSH.

Capacity trade agreements

AEMO has published standard terms and conditions that shippers may choose to adopt for capacity trades between them (bare transfers). The standard terms and conditions have been developed in close consultation with industry.

However, while the use of the standard terms is optional, trading parties must use the Form of Contract Document (schedule 2) to record the terms of each capacity trade and any agreed variations or additions to the standard terms.

Shippers who expect to trade with each other more than once may also wish to record any terms that will apply to all trades between those parties in a Master Capacity Trading Schedule (schedule 1).

These standard terms and conditions are not limited to trading on the GSH and may be used for other (non-GSH) pipelines.

Alternate gas delivery points

In some instances, gas may need to be delivered at a different delivery point to that specified in the delivery schedule or transaction on the GSH exchange. The following document helps to facilitate this.

Trading Restrictions

This Application is to facilitate Restricted Trading between related entities on the GSH as outlined in the Exchange Agreement. Please send completed Application to

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