GSH Prudential Dashboard

The Guide to Gas Supply Hub (GSH) Prudential Dashboard provides assistance with using the dashboard interface, and describes each component on the dashboard.

Credit Support

Participants in the GSH may be obliged under clause 9.2 of the Exchange Agreement to provide credit support to AEMO. This clause requires that each Market Participant maintain security at all times to ensure its trading margin does not fall below zero.

Financial Guarantees

Participants in the National Electricity Market (NEM), Short Term Trading Market (STTM), Victorian Wholesale Gas Market, and GSH may be obliged under the Market Rules to provide credit support to AEMO. AEMO has a single financial guarantee pro forma to be used for these markets and all guarantees must be in the prescribed format. AEMO recommends that you get guarantees checked by AEMO before execution, by emailing a draft copy to

Credit Support Management Guide

AEMO has prepared a Credit Support Management Guide to assist Participants with the procurement, exchange, return and expiry of financial guarantees for the National Electricity Market, Short Term Trading Market and Victorian Wholesale Gas Market. This guide contains information on AEMO’s credit support processes, Participant obligations and there are useful references to market rules.

GSH Security Deposit Arrangements

AEMO has prepared a Guide to GSH Security Deposit Arrangements to assist Market Participants with new and existing security deposits in the GSH. This guide contains information on AEMO’s security deposit management.

Market Participants in the GSH may provide new security deposits to AEMO at any time to increase their trading margin. Please fill out the email template and email to

Market Participants must notify AEMO of intended application (or rollover) of the security deposit balance via email to by 10:30 am AEST at least one business day prior to AEMO posting the GSH final statement against which the security deposit is due to mature and be applied.

GSH Reallocation Procedure

This document is established under clause 16.1 of the Exchange Agreement and contains the procedures followed by Market Participants’ when submitting and authorising reallocation requests.

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