About the NEM Reform Program

The Energy Security Board (ESB), in collaboration with the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) and the Australian Energy Regulator (AER), has set a pathway to transition the National Electricity Market (NEM) into a modern energy system fit to meet the community's evolving wants and needs and towards a net-zero future for Australia. 

The post-2025 electricity market design addresses essential change as ageing coal-fired generators are retired, replaced by an expanding array of new technologies, including large-scale renewable energy generation and storage systems, complemented by rapid growth in consumer energy options, including rooftop solar.

Program scope

The ESB defined four reform pathways and a data strategy and AEMO identified supporting foundational and strategic initiatives. Within these reform pathways, more than 30 projects (or initiatives) were proposed.

It is the most comprehensive reform package to be implemented since the NEM’s inception in 1998.

NEM Reform is a large-scale, complex, industry-wide program, impacting participants across all areas of the national electricity market. Each initiative supports the transition of the NEM and brings Australia closer to a net-zero future.

The NEM Reform Program

To manage the implementation of this significant package of reforms and deliver best possible outcomes, AEMO established the NEM Reform Program ('the Program') to work collaboratively with industry participants from across the energy sector.

Working collaboratively and supporting our industry stakeholders we design effective solutions that meet the reform objectives and prioritise their deployment, ensuring efficient delivery with the least-cost and lowest-risk outcomes. 

About AEMO Corporate Plan

AEMO's Strategic Corporate Plan describes how AEMO will deliver on its purpose and vision of enabling the energy transition for the benefit of all Australians and enabling net-zero, via our four strategic priorities: operating today’s systems and markets; navigating the energy future; engaging our stakeholders; and evolving the way we work.

The NEM Reform Program is delivering outcomes across three of these priority areas, while remaining focussed on the specific objectives of efficient and effective delivery of initiatives that are transforming the NEM.

For more information, please contact NEMReform@aemo.com.au

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