Readiness Work Stream

Market Readiness

Market readiness refers to the successful implementation of all of the necessary activities by AEMO and NEM participants that were required for a seamless transition to the new procedural arrangements and B2B communications that started on 1 December 2017.

Market Readiness Strategy

A key document for AEMO to engage with NEM participants on market readiness matters was the Market Readiness Strategy. The purpose of the Strategy was to set out a plan for managing, coordinating, informing, monitoring and reporting on AEMO’s and NEM participants’ operational preparedness, particularly in relation to revised business systems and processes, for a seamless transition to new procedural arrangements starting on 1 December 2017. The Strategy was developed by AEMO in collaboration with the POC Readiness Working Group.

POC Market Readiness Strategy
25 October 2017 | 1.25 MB, pdf

Supporting Plans

The Market Readiness Strategy was supported by a series of supporting plans. These supporting plans were developed by AEMO in collaboration with the POC Readiness Working Group over 2016-17, and include plans for industry readiness reporting, industry testing, accreditation and registration, and industry transition and cutover. These finalised plans are published below.

POC Industry Readiness Reporting Plan
13 December 2016 | 766 KB, pdf

POC Industry Acceditation & Registration Plan v1.0
03 May 2017 | 362 KB, pdf
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