Industry Test Work Group

Industry Test Work Group (POC-ITWG)

THE POC Industry Test Work Group (POC-ITWG) was established to drive the development and execution of the Industry Test Strategy and associated testing plans, as considered under the Market Readiness work stream of AEMO's POC implementation plan. The Terms of Reference are provided below.

Terms of Reference

POC Industry Test Work Group Terms of Reference
02 March 2017 | 143 KB (.pdf)

Supporting Plans 

POC Market Trial Entry Criteria Form
31 August 2017 | 69 KB (docx)
POC Market Trial Registration Form
31 August 2017 | 29 KB (docx)
POC Industry Test Strategy v1.2
14 September 2017 | 1241 KB (pdf)
POC Industry Test Plan for EN/MC v1.0
15 May 2017 | 845 KB (pdf) 
POC Industry Test Workbook for EN/MC v0.4
15 May 2017 | 105 KB (pdf) 
POC Industry B2B Test Plan v1.0
29 May 2017 | 570 KB (pdf)
POC Market Trial Test Plan v1.2
17 July 2017 | 794 KB (pdf)

Records of previous meetings

The following section provides information from previous Power of Choice Industry Test Working Group meetings:

Meeting Meeting Date
POC-ITWG Meeting 8
Meeting Papers
Meeting Notes
28 July 2017
POC-ITWG Meeting 7
Meeting Papers
Meeting Notes
5 July 2017
POC-ITWG Meeting 6
Meeting Papers
Meeting Notes
2 Jun 2017
POC-ITWG Meeting 5
Meeting Papers
Meeting Notes
12 May 2017
POC-ITWG Meeting 4
Meeting Papers
Meeting Notes
28 April 2017
POC-ITWG Meeting 3
Meeting Papers
Meeting Notes
04 April 2017 
POC-ITWG Meeting 2
Meeting Papers
Meeting Notes   
07 March 2017
POC-ITWG Meeting 1
Meeting Papers
Meeting Notes 
13 February 2017
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