Latest Generation Information from AEMO highlights ongoing NEM transition

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The latest data from AEMO highlights the rapid growth in proposed solar and wind projects, continuing the rapid pace of change experienced in the National Electricity Market (NEM) last year, with new records set for both the number of new electricity generation projects and megawatt (MW) capacity.

The Generation Information page on the AEMO website reports information on the capacity of existing, withdrawn, committed, and proposed generation projects in the National Electricity Market (NEM). AEMO collects generation information reported here from generation industry participants, via a web-based online system, and is committed to publishing updates of information collected every three months, or as required.

The latest data is consistent with AEMO’s 2020 Integrated System Plan forecast that 63 per cent of coal-fired generation is set to retire by 2040, replaced by wind and solar farms that are complemented by up to 19 gigawatts of firming generation, such as pumped hydro, battery storage and gas.

The data shows that existing coal-fired generation capacity set to retire in coming years is now sitting at more than 23,200 MW. The detailed and up-to-date listing of the expected closure date for generating units can be found in AEMO’s “Generating unit expected closure year” spreadsheet.

The newly-released generation data also highlights the fast-growing volume of new batteries in the pipeline – a significant increase in new projects just this year, with proposed battery storage representing a total capacity of more than 18,660 MW. (Refer to the Battery Explainer for further information)

Generation Information Publications

AEMO publishes generation information data within one consolidated "NEM" data file, and provides information for each region in the NEM about:

  • Existing and committed scheduled and semi-scheduled generation capacities over the next 10 years
  • Changes and limitations to existing generation.
  • Proposed developments.
  • Existing non-scheduled generation.

For news, data and information about the National Electricity Market (NEM) visit the AEMO website at

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