Settlement calendars

AEMO prepares a settlement calendar for each of the markets being settled, showing the dates for delivery of statements and settlement of trading amounts relating to each billing period.

To assist participants in fulfilling their settlement obligations, AEMO has prepared a suite of calendars that utilise a common layout, and also calendars that span across markets (e.g. final statement and payment dates for all markets). The table below presents each of the calendars, based on the market(s) they cover and the layout of the calendar.

The calendars are based on the public holiday dates determined by the State Government proclamations. State governments may, from time to time, proclaim additional holidays at short notice. AEMO reserves the right to modify these calendars if necessary to comply with the relevant market rules and provides these calendars subject to this disclaimer.

Market Planning Calendars (including Data Provision)

Weekly Planner

Monthly Planner

Yearly Planner

Clearing Calendars

For further information on these documents please contact AEMO's Information and Support Hub.

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