Demand Side Participation Information Guidelines

AEMO has developed a data portal for participants to submit their Demand Side Participation (DSP) information in accordance with the Demand Side Participation Information Guidelines (Guidelines).

Participants will require secure access to the data portal to submit data and a user account for authentication. These user accounts can be created within each business by the Participant Administrator (PA).

2024 DSP Submission Information 

To help participants with their DSP submission, AEMO has published a guide for the Demand Side Participation Information Portal.

For participants wanting to use the CSV file submission method, CSV template files and guide are provided below:

For further information please contact the AEMO Support hub.  

2024 DSP Submission Key Dates

31 March 2024 DSP information submissions open. 
30 April 2024 DSP information submissions close.
August 2024 AEMO to publish DSP information

Further Information

The DSP data portal sits on MarketNet - AEMO’s private data network connection. For further details about the options available to connect to MarketNet, refer to AEMO’s Guide to Information Systems


As required by clause 3.7D of the National Electricity Rules (NER), AEMO consulted on the development of Demand Side Participation Information Guidelines (Guidelines) in accordance with the Rules consultation process in rule 8.9.

The Guidelines specify the information that Registered Participants must submit to AEMO for AEMO’s use when developing or using electricity load forecasts, with the objective of giving AEMO better quality information to further develop and improve its current load forecasting.

These Guidelines are effective as of 19 July 2017. Each year, beginning March 2018, Registered Participants must provide data that was current as at 31 March of that year, by 5.00pm 30 April.

These guidelines were updated in December 2020 following consultation with industry, and remain current for the 2023 submission period.

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