2018 Integrated System Plan database

The assumptions and inputs used for AEMO’s 2018 Integrated System Plan (ISP) are provided below. Revised versions of the assumptions and inputs may be published as new information becomes available.

2018 ISP database

Report Date Available Description
2018 Integrated System Plan and Appendices 17/07/2018 The 2018 ISP and Appendices delivers a strategic infrastructure development plan, based on sound engineering and economics, which can facilitate an orderly energy system transition under a range of scenarios.
Market Modelling Methodology report 17/07/2018 The Market Modelling Methodologies report provides an overview of methodologies employed to support AEMO’s market modelling activities across a range of publications.
2018 Integrated System Plan Input Data Package and Plexos DLT model 22/08/2018 This dataset provides time-sequential traces capturing the operational demand, rooftop PV, large scale solar and wind generation for the modelling horizon. The generation traces may be provided for individual generators, or aggregated to Renewable Energy Zones. The dataset also includes the Detailed Long Term (DLT) Plexos model and instruction document, configured for the Neutral ISP scenario.
2018 ISP Assumptions workbook 17/07/2018 A spreadsheet containing a broad range of modelling data and input assumptions that were applied in the 2018 ISP. This also includes information on regional energy forecasts.
2018 Generation and Transmission Outlooks 17/07/2018 The generation outlook provides a view of the generation required to meet expected operational demand and consumption across the NEM over the next 20 years. The transmission outlook uses the generation outlook to provide a strategic view of the efficient development of the transmission grid over the next 20 years. Separate spreadsheets have been provided for each scenario examined in the 2018 ISP.
Transmission Annual Planning Reports summary  17/07/2018 A consolidated summary of Transmission Network Service Provider (TNSP) projects listed in their 2017 Transmission Annual Planning Reports, and how they relate to the 2018 ISP.
Interactive Map 17/07/2018 AEMO’s Interactive Map complements the ISP database. The map contains various layers which can be enabled or disabled to help users navigate to information of interest.
2017 Network Flows and Congestion 17/07/2018 Historic analysis of national transmission flow paths, and binding constraints for the 2017 calendar year.
Multi-Criteria for Identification of Renewable Energy Zones 30/04/2018 Outlines wind and solar resource modelling and multi-criteria scoring for Renewable Energy Zones (REZ) candidates over Eastern Australia.
CSIRO Electricity generation technology cost projections 14/12/2017 This document provides information on power generation technology costs that are applied in the 2018 ISP studies.
2016 Emissions Factor Assumptions Update (ACIL Allen) 11/08/2016 This document provides the methodology and results from ACIL Allen’s review of generator emissions data.
2016 Emissions Factor Assumptions Data (ACIL Allen) 11/08/2016 This dataset presents the assumed emissions factors used in AEMO’s planning publications.
2016 Coal Cost Report (Wood Mackenzie) 11/08/2016 This document provides an overview of the assumed coal price inputs in AEMO's Planning Studies.
2016 Coal Cost Data (Wood Mackenzie) 11/08/2016 This dataset presents the assumed coal price inputs into AEMO’s time sequential database.
Forecasting Methodology Information  Paper - 2016 National Electricity Forecasting Report 29/07/2017 Outlines the methodology used in the annual operational consumption, maximum demand and minimum demand forecasting process for the NEFR and ISP.
Electricity Forecasting Insights 30/06/2017  The Electricity Forecasting Insights provides regional electricity consumption and maximum  and minimum demand forecasts over a 20-year outlook period.
Transmission Connection Point Forecasting Methodology 29/07/2016 Outlines the methodology used by AEMO in developing Transmission Connection Point Forecasts.
Transmission Connection Point Forecasts  27/03/2018 Maximum demand (MD) forecasts for each transmission connection point.
Fuel and Technology Cost Review – Data (ACIL Allen) 12/06/2014

Some of the properties for existing generators shown in this reports are used in the ISP, unless they are included in the Planning Studies, which take priority.


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