Previous National Electricity Forecasting Reports 2012-2016

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The National Electricity Forecasting Report (NEFR) provides AEMO’s independent electricity consumption and maximum and minimum demand forecasts over a 20-year outlook period for the National Electricity Market (NEM) and each of the five NEM regions: New South Wales (including Australian Capital Territory), Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, and Victoria.

AEMO published the NEFR annually from 2012 to 2016, with updates as material changes to the forecasts were required.

AEMO’s forecasts describe electricity consumption and maximum demand on an “operational” basis.

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NEFR and supporting material

2017 Forecast Accuracy Report (1.3 MB, pdf)

External consultant reports

AEMO Insights


NEFR and supporting material

Update to 2016 NEFR report

2016 NEFR report

2016 National Electricity Forecasting Report (NEFR) - Infographic

2016 National Electricity Forecasting Report – AEMO Media Release

2016 National Electricity Forecasting Report (NEFR) - Chart Pack

2016 Forecasting Methodology Information Paper

2016 Demand Side Participation

2016 Forecast Accuracy Report

External consultant reports

UoM Rooftop PV Model Technical Report 

Projections of Gas and Electricity Used in LNG

Retail electricity price history and projections

Projections of uptake of small-scale systems

Estimating the Effects of Energy Efficiency Policies and Programs on Usage of Electricity and Gas

AEMO Insights

Electric Vehicles


NEFR and supporting material

2015 NEFR Overview – June

2015 NEFR detailed summary

Minimum demand data – South Australia

Forecast Accuracy Report 2015

2015 NEFR Action Plan

2015 Forecasting methodology information paper

2015 NEFR demand-side participation

2015 PV installed capacity and saturation limit forecast

External consultant reports

Economic outlook summary report

NEFR 2015 economic data – KPMG

Electricity Market Forecasts: 2015 - Frontier Economics

Projections of gas and electricity used in LNG - Lewis Grey Consultancy  

Monash electricity Forecasting Model Technical Report:

NEFR special report

2015 Emerging Technology Paper - June

NEFR update

2015 NEFR update - December


NEFR and supporting material

2014 NEFR report

2014 NEFR data set

2014 Forecasting methodology information paper

NEFR update

2014 NEFR update – December

2014 NEFR update data set

2014 ESOO regional surplus capacity


NEFR and supporting material

2013 NEFR report

2013 NEFR data set

2013 Forecasting methodology information paper

NEFR update

2013 NEFR update - December


NEFR and supporting material

2012 NEFR report

2012 NEFR data set

2012 Forecasting methodology information paper

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